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Are you interested in pursuing your dream of making a career out of your artistic interests and abilities? Do you enjoy traditional handcrafts and want to learn more about the artisan and craftsman industry? Hocking College's American Arts and Marketing Technology is perfect for you!

The Program
Hocking College and the Foothills School of American Crafts have joined together to offer a unique hands-on program that allows you to spend quality time in the studio. Working with local artisans and learning from their professional experiences will provide you with an unparalleled educational experience. You’ll develop a strong understanding of techniques and marketing skills necessary to become a successful working craftsperson in American Arts in the twenty-first century.

The two-year program leads to an Associate of Technical Studies Degree in American Craft Design and Marketing with three areas of artisan study available:

  • Ceramic Arts
  • Metals
  • Glass

Learn by Doing
Student Artisans and Craftsmen will complete a curriculum that will provide you with the skills and training you need to be successful in your craft as well as in business and marketing. You will explore the presentation, marketing, and management of your work while learning how to handle taxes, permits, pricing, and distribution. Students will complete an internship and/or apprenticeship with a local craftsman as part of their degree.

Jobs for Grads
Out of the Box - Upon graduation students find jobs such as:

  • Fine Artists
  • Art Instructors
  • Curators, Archivists, Museum Technicians and Conservators

Starting salaries range from $12,000 - $18,000.

Down the Road - Some Students choose to go on for more education or open their own galleries.

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