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Grief, Loss & Trauma Certificate Program

Southwestern College

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Grief, Loss & Trauma Certificate Program

The Grief, Loss and Trauma Certificate Program combines experiential, introspective and expressive approaches to understanding issues of death and dying, grief counseling, hospice work and death education. For admissions requirements visit our online Admissions Office for Certificate Programs.

The program is offered in ten 20-hour blocks held one weekend per month throughout the academic year. The blocks may be taken independently and non-sequentially unless otherwise indicated. Dr. Janet Schreiber, program director, and guest faculty and speakers create a creative and rich learning opportunity. The curriculum emphasizes therapeutic care of the dying as well as grief counseling, transition, loss, and hospice philosophy and practice.

Block 1: Use of Expressive Arts in Grief Work for Transformation and Healing
Block 2: Spiritual, Historical and Cultural Patterns of Transcendence
Block 3: Dying to Know I: Issues of Death & Dying for the Professional
Block 4: Dying to Know II: Issues of Death & Dying for the Professional
Block 5: Self-Compassion & Personal Growth for the Professionals Working with Death and Bereavement
Block 6: Theories of Grief Process
Block 7: Bereavement Support, Programs and Interventions
Block 8: Grief Counseling Skills
Block 9: Grief & Trauma Counseling
Block 10: Ethical, Legal & Professional Issues in Death & Dying.

The program’s educational philosophy views death and dying as a natural part of the life-cycle and the ultimate change all humans face. Understanding the natural processes of life, death, grief and loss can help people to honor transitions and live life more fully.

The program is designed to shed light on the human journey. Personal growth is found in moments of grief and loss. The dying have the opportunity to complete life in a way that they prefer. Those around them reach a deeper understanding of the process of the life journey for self and loved ones.

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