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The Gunsmithing Program was started in the fall of 1979. The program provides training in custom gunsmithing and gun repair, and develops the basic knowledge and skills needed to become a professional gunsmith. Laboratories that support the gunsmithing instruction are the Machine Tool Lab, Welding Lab, Gunsmithing Instructional Lab, Blueing Lab, Metal Finishing Lab, and the firearms vault. The two-year gunsmithing program requires completion of coursework in firearms design and function, stockmaking, bench metal work, machine metal work, gun blueing and metal finishing, advanced gunsmithing, and conversion and repairing of firearms to qualify for an Associate in Applied Science degree and/or the Certificate in Gunsmithing.

During the two-year program, several firearms factories conduct certification schools to qualify the current students on updated factory procedures and new firearms parts to perform work on their firearms.


Welding Laboratory
 Machine Tool Laboratory 

Freshman Year

First Semester

ORI 1011 New Student Orientation 1 credit hours
*ET 1123 Technical Math I 3 credit hours
GS 1112 Blueprint Reading 2 credit hours
TMT 1123 Machine Tool Practices 3 credit hours
GS 1103 Gunsmithing Theory I 3 credit hours
GS 1204 Bench Metal Work 4 credit hours
  Humanities Elective 1 credit hours
  TOTAL 17 credit hours


Second Semester

BM 1403 Business Math 3 credit hours
GS 2714 Conversion of Firearms 4 credit hours
GS 1304 Machine Metal Works 4 credit hours
GS 1113 Gunsmithing Theory II 3 credit hours
TMT 2213 General Metals 3 credit hours
  TOTAL 17 credit hours


Sophomore Year

First Semester

*Eng 1113 English Composition 3 credit hours
GS 1224 Stockmaking 4 credit hours
GS 2573 Gun Blueing & Metal Finishing 3 credit hours
*GVT 1113 American Government 3 credit hours
GS 2724 Repairing of Firearms 4 credit hours
GS 2503 Advanced Gunsmithing Theory 3 credit hours
  TOTAL 20 credit hours


Second Semester

GS 1314 Machine Metal Work 4 credit hours
GS 2824 Repairing of Firearms 4 credit hours
GS 2413 Gun Store Management 3 credit hours
*ENG 1213 English Composition II 3 credit hours
GS 2582 Handloading & Ballistics 2 credit hours
*HST 1483 American History 3 credit hours
  TOTAL 19 credit hours

*Courses not required for the Certificate in Gunsmithing




Financial Aid is available to persons in the Gunsmithing program who qualify for federal financial aid, vocational rehabilitation, Veterans Affairs rehabilitation, workers’ compensation or social security disability.



The gunsmith will or can be a:

Firearms salesman

Owner/manager of a gunsmith shop or sporting goods store

Gunsmith for firearms manufacturer

Specialist in custom built firearms

Factory service representative

Placement assistance is provided in the development of a resume, information on employment opportunities, and assistance in the arrangement of both on-campus and off-campus employment interviews

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