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The Master of Arts in Contemporary Communication is a broad-based program for students seeking graduate education across a spectrum of communication approaches. This program is designed for those focusing on creative expression and/or pursuing professional development in strategic communications. The program allows students options to explore their needs, interests and goals, ranging from development of communication skills to entrepreneurial communication. A student may choose to focus on creative communication or strategic communication or a blend of the two.

A focus in creative communication prepares students to bring critical analysis, creative insights, rhetorical sophistication, and technological competence to their endeavors in communicating and self-expression. The program integrates the liberal arts and skills such as critical thinking, effective writing, oral presentations, and collaborative learning.

A focus in strategic communication prepares students for careers as effective, strategically oriented communications executives who have the necessary analytic and practical tools. The program provides students with a set of essential management communication skills enhanced by knowledge of new communication technologies.

Program Objectives

  1. integrate computer skills and creativity in media with art, communication, English and philosophy
  2. write clear, purposeful targeted communications
  3. apply creative approaches to communications planning and problem solving
  4. coordinate the production of visually effective and informative print, graphic and electronic communications
  5. exhibit a solid grounding in communication theories
  6. employ research techniques, applications and organizational methods and skills in advancing technologies
  7. demonstrate a comprehension of the language and complexities of communication modes: visual, written and oral
  8. develop skills to pursue professional careers in areas of communication or in fields of creative expression

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