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Majors and Degrees:  BS and AAS in Veterinary Technology

Matriculation Requirements:

Same as for admission into Fort Valley State University

Graduation Requirements: 

AAS - Successful completion of 21 hours of core plus remaining courses in the major. BS - Successful completion of 60 hours of core, 60 hours in the major and four hours in physical education. Total hours = 124 hours. 


Bachelor of Science (BS) in Veterinary Technology Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Veterinary Technology Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Support Services: 

Academic Success Center Career Development Center Student Affairs Office


Available through USDA and other academic and veterinary medical oriented organizations.

Clubs and Organizations  Veterinary Science Club

Career Opportunities:

Private veterinary practices Governmental agencies Academic institutions Pharmaceutical industry Animal nutrition industry Animal product sales Research units of veterinary and medical schools


Lochner, Frank - Some important relationships between conformation (equine) and lameness. Tuskegee University, Annual Meeting, March 2003.


Samples, Oreta M. - Understanding Parasite Problems in Large Animals, Veterinary Technician, Vol. 24 No. 1, Jan 2003.

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